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Main hero is a demon who runs away from home due to conflicting with her father. She finds a new home at the Angel thief’s house. Together they start to clean out father’s dungeons in order to find revenge. 

With the help of Mimic-bag, which shields the hero from all the damage, little demon girl needs not only defeat servants of her father but also get as much loot as possible.


Gameplay is based on classic roguelites, you need to clear out the generated dungeon and try to get as much loot as possible. It is possible to find different power-ups for Mimic-bag during playthrough. They come in a form of loot slots. But beware, when you take damage, the rightest slot in destroyed. Remember: Bag is your health.

PS: for this particular build you need to find 3 gems in the dungeon and place all of them at the altar.



WASD to move

Space to dash

L. Mouse Button  to attack (use mouse to choose the direction of attack)  

R. Mouse Button to use item in currently selected slot

1-2-3-4 to change between slots

Hold Shift to drag the loot between or from the slots

E to interact with some objects and buy/sell stuff at the shop

Esc to exit to the Main Menu


Watch Your Bag.rar 18 MB

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