Game was made for Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Game Jam!

Christmas is almost here! Look, all the Elfs are celebrating! Everything is so nice!

Wait....some presents weren't made! Oh no....What will we do?! All the Elfs can't work, they are too happy to do that!
Who is there sitting under the tree? A lonely grumpy Elf? Maybe he will help us!

Quick, help us make as many presents as you can untill the clock strikes 12! We are counting on you!


How does crafting work in this game?

You need to carry ingridients to the corresponding machines to make parts of the toys. What kind of part comes out of the machine depends on the time the ingridient is left in the machine. To make the toy use the Magic Table in the middle by placing 3 parts on it. After the toy is made carry it to the conveyor belt.

The recipies of the toys are available by holding the TAB button. The recipies of the parts are:
1) Wood -> Plank -> Hand -> Garbage
2) Cloth -> T-shirt -> Ribbon -> Garbage
3) Metal -> Wheel -> Microchip -> Garbage



Press WASD to move around, 

Space to pick-up and interact,

Hold Tab to show recepies, 

Press Esc to pause.

(Online leaderboard works in desktop edition)


Christmas 20 MB


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its a great game but i would say the controls could be refined a bit. especially picking up stuff is a little annoying.

thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it)